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Party Poker recently launched a fantastic promotion for Europeans: the Championship Challenge. This promotion gives you the chance to win freeroll seats and cash prizes, including the grand prize of $100,000!

Your goal is to collect as many football players as possible, which is done by playing real money poker on the Party Poker download. There are 64 different football players, and many of them have instant prizes attached to them. Collecting entire teams and groups of football players allows you to win even better prizes. Collect all 64 players to win the coveted $100,000 top prize.

As stated earlier, you earn football players by playing real money poker. You get your first football player after earning just 5 points! After you receive your first football player, you can earn additional ones by earning 10 points. You can earn up to 100 football players per day.

If you are hoping to hit the biggest instant prize possible, you’ll want to collect the Goalkeeper from Poland as he is worth $20. Get the Russian Defender and you will win $15. The Ireland Goalkeeper will award you $10.

If you are able to collect the entire Polish team, you will win $1,200! A completed team of the Republic of Ireland will net you $900, and the Russian team awards $850. The lowest amount you can win by completing a team is $50 for England.

You can win even bigger prizes by completing groups. Completing Group D nets you $2,000, while completing Group A awards $7,000. And then of course there is the biggest prize of $100,000 that is awarded to the person that completes all available groups!

Party Poker continues to show that they are one of the best Euro poker sites around by offering great promotions such as this. The Championship Challenge started just yesterday, and it is scheduled to run until July 1st or until all football players have been awarded. Since there are a limited number of football players available, be sure to start playing poker sooner than later for your fair shot at that $100k prize!