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Party Poker has unveiled plans to develop their own form of “Rush Poker.” This comes shortly after the successful release of PokerStars’ own version of the game last month.

The announcement came during an interview of bwin.Party CEO Jim Ryan by the UK magazine Casinochoice. Ryan confirmed the future release of a fast-paced Rush Poker type game in the future. However, he did not elaborate on how long the project has been in production or on any timeframe for a release date.

The pioneer of the original “Rush Poker” was the now defunct Full Tilt Poker. It proved to be a very popular game, but despite attempts by Full Tilt Poker to copyright the game, PokerStars and now Party Poker have both created their own versions of the same game.

The core element of this poker variant is to allow players to play as fast as they are able to. Players are seated and play hands as normal, but as soon as they fold, they are whisked away to a brand new table of random opponents. The result is a very fast paced game, with very little downtime as there is no need to wait for a brand new hand to be dealt.

Some players absolutely love this fast paced game, while others have a difficult time adjusting to the changes. It is hard to get reads on your opponents since after each hand you are sent off to a new table with different players. You may not play the same player twice until many hands have been played. For the same reason, it is very difficult to tell what an opponent’s state of mind is because you haven’t seen how they’ve played their last few hands. Overall, it makes the game less read dependent, and more dependent on the cards in your own hand.