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Gladiators are known for their willingness to go out to battle, day in and day out. No matter the conditions, they always step into the arena to fight. Party Poker is rewarding players with the determination and consistency of a gladiator with their The Gladiator promotion.

The Gladiator promotion rewards players that put in a lot of hands each day. Party Poker has set up a tiered system that rewards players that earn a minimum number of points over many days. For example, earning 10 PartyPoints per day for five days will earn players an entry to a $5,000 freeroll, but earning the same 10 Party Points for 25 days will bank that player $20. For players that play at higher stakes and/or put in more hands, higher PartyPoint minimums are available. For instance, players that put earn 200 Party Points for 5 days earn $55 while earning 200 PartyPoints for 25 days will increase one’s bankroll by $525. For those looking to rise to the ultimate challenge, a $10,000 WPT LA Poker Classic seat awaits. To win this seat, players must grind 1,500 Party Points on all 30 days of the Gladiator promotion. It will be a tough journey but certainly worth it!

Party Poker has recently improved the bonus offered to FlopTurnRiver members. If you deposit using our FTR500 Party Poker Bonus Code, you will receive a 100% bonus worth up to $500. Earning the bonus is rather easy, especially if you plan on taking part in The Gladiator promotion. By earning tons of PartyPoints this month, you can clear the initial deposit bonus while being rewarded for your volume through this amazing promotion!