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Phil Hellmuth and Milwaukee’s Best Light have announced a unique partnership designed to promote this years World Series of Poker. 12 Million cans featuring three different likenesses of the Poker Brat himself are to be produced to coincide with the start of poker’s most prestigious event.

Along with being able to bask in the glory of Phil’s countenance, beer drinkers will also be able to enjoy some of his most memorable one-liners. Three different gems, including “I can dodge bullets baby” and “If it weren’t for luck I’d win ’em all”, are to be printed along side the pictures. The third quote is yet to be announced but knowledgeable industry insiders (me) predict it will be something like “You’re the worst player I’ve ever seen” or “You played that hand so bad.” Something that really captures the Poker Brat’s magnanimous nature.

Hellmuth himself recalls his recent visit to the Milwaukee Best Light brewery where he was shown a prototype can. The sight of his own face plastered across some cylindrical aluminum was described by Phil as “like winning a bracelet.” Wryly commenting: “I guess that I’ll have to watch my ego, if it was big before…Now it may blow up!” Perhaps afraid he’ll become known as arrogant or self-important.

However it is his unabashed arrogance and, sometimes grating, charm that have made him one of the most recognizable faces in poker. He’s also one of the most successful players in history. A Hall of Fame member Phil won his first WSOP bracelet in 1989, becoming the youngest main event winner in history. He not only holds the record for the most number of WSOP bracelets, but also the most cashes and the most final tables (tied with T.J. Cloutier). Given this immaculate resume it is easy to see why Phil is the obvious face to present poker to the masses.

This is not even the most extravagant piece of promotion that Hellmuth has been involved in. At the start last years World Series main event Ultimate Bet arranged for him to arrive in a custom race car, flanked by 11 beautiful models (one for each of his bracelets). A highly oiled marketing exercise, that was until Phil crashed the car into the Rio’s car park. Let’s hope there are no beer related catastrophes this time around.

Although this may all seem fanciful and extravagant there is a serious mission at work. Poker has grown rapidly over the last few years, yet it does still not compare with many other sports and entertainment outlets. In teaming up with a non-poker company Phil has spotted a chance to spread poker’s tendrils further into the social consciousness. As well, of course, as promoting his image, fanning his ego and padding his wallet.

Some of special edition beers are available now with more to be released on June 1st.