The jig is up for April and a new batch of players have been announced winners on the PKR Leaderboard! As suspected, there hasn’t been much change in the ranks over the course of the last couple days in April. These players marked their territories early on and held their positions strong right up until the end. In fact, for the first three weeks of April the first 7 positions in the leaderboard remained unchanged.

Despite most players holding positions like a rock, there have been some minor positional changes in the lower half of the top ten and even more changes in places 10 through 20.

PKR Leaderboard – April’s Top Ten Winners

1 farryboy 58480.85
2 Dark87 37550.95
3 PaTrickTonFion 32720.85
4 crackku 30176.40
5 deboite45 30115.10
6 gladheateher 27458.25
7 sourshark 24474.70
8 HansTeeuwen 23309.50
9 FlyingLure 21845.15
10 BRANTZ 21674.15

farryboy sealed his lead with a 1st place win for April and a dominant chip lead unmatched by any other two consecutive players. With a chip lead as large as the one he amassed you just know he’s a skilled player. We’ll look forward to see how farryboy progresses on the PKR Leadearboard into May. deboite45 has managed to pull ahead of gladheateher in the nick of time securing a 5th place win, sending gladheateher down a spot to 6th for the month.

sourshark stepped up a notch as well landing 7th place for April after having been in 8th only two days prior. BRANTZ who was sitting pretty in 7th last week dropped three places to 10th overall for April. Like sourshark and deboite45, two other players gained one position on the leaderboard. HansTeeuwen stepped up to 8th place in the two days after having been in 9th, and FlyingLure stepped up to 9th from 10th.

11th through 20th places are as follows:

11 kraftwerk71 21479.20
12 tassen77 19762.40
13 CantBullyMe 18428.70
14 1potato2 18070.30
15 CallmeTheNuts 18041.50
16 cashier1 17454.50
17 Northy 17285.90
18 Oscar2000 16787.20
19 kingcoles 16572.90
20 fonzy1225 16135.25

Remember, FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PKR Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PKR network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing. It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to April 30th’s full Leaderboard results click here: April 30th Leaderboard Results.