Today is Sunday, July 13th and that means it’s time for another installment of the PRK leader board updates here at FTR! It would do some good to take everyone’s eyes off the World Series of Poker for a moment and take a peek at some PRK updates because every week something interesting seems to happen. Whether the routine leader is still sitting at number one, or a possible upset is taking place it’s always exciting over at PRK.

Last week we speculated about whether farryboy was going to usurp the competition and come back to his usual first place spot. It looks like he’s done it earlier than last month because once again he’s in first place. Amidst the newbies there are still some of the usual suspects floating around in the top ten, so lets take a look at where they’re at!

In first as previously mentioned is farryboy. He has a solid lead on foxc7 who currently holds second place. In third is a new face with the name p0kerholic. P0kerholic is beating out another top ten veteran TheThimster and in fifth place we’ve got Vincanity15. Vincanity has moved up one seat this week and is making his approach to the top three where we often see him at the end of the month. Sixth place is currently held by TilKo who dropped one spot this week. Seventh place is another familiar player, 1potato2. We’re surprised he’s so far back in the lineup at this time of the month as they usually sit higher as time goes on. Eighth, ninth and tenth place are all held by unfamiliar players this week and their handles are KAZAOU, Panda and stitches99 respectively. It looks like they may start doing a little damage of their own and may have hopes to make it into the top three, but the seasoned vets here may have something to say about that. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full-Leaderboard.

At this time of the month it’s pretty surprising to see so many new faces in the top ten! Generally the players we see every month have pushed everyone else out by now, but who knows what will happen. We may even have an upset on our hands! Watch out farryboy, there’s some fresh faces gunning for ya! Stay tuned next week to see where things are headed! If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

Here’s the current top 25:

1 farryboy 17932.50
2 foxc7 17017.50
3 p0kerholic 13952.45
4 TheThimster 13930.95
5 Vincanity15 12213.10
6 TilKo 12143.35
7 1potato2 11948.45
8 KAZAOU 11906.85
9 Panda 11474.75
10 stiches99 11419.35
11 NathanTroy 10781.75
12 jAKobowski 10505.20
13 Hannelore 10429.30
14 deboite45 10406.85
15 Taxman1982 10293.55
16 yippee14 10200.65
17 ladzrls 10106.15
18 barcode1973 9983.70
19 Bella2008 9748.00
20 affman 9591.40
21 JonnyRocker 9345.55
22 Dospairos 9283.80
23 RiverEnglish 8870.10
24 flynndig 8789.00
25 zedsaces 8567.10