PKR Poker is still bringing in the action every week and that’s good news. With new players shooting into the top ten and common favorites such as farryboy MIA things are picking up at PRK. It’s been said before but Sunday is Funday here at FTR when the PKR leader boards are coming down.

Number one today leads out with Taxman1982, but hot on his heels is highheeledhotty. A new face is in third and they would be 17043400, an interesting username at that. Fourth place is a familiar player called PaTrickTonFion and CallmeTheNuts is right behind him in fifth place. Superpanas jumped up five seats to take number six and Vincanity15 moved up a single spot to number seven. PkrNight dropped two spots to number eight while day20000 follows in his shoes by also dropping two seats to ninth. DELAMOYA is a new face in the top ten today as well. That wraps up the top 10. If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.

Players to watch out for would be 1potato2 who moved up 31 seats to 16th and Kwigs who moved up a whopping 391 seats to break into seat number twenty.

Again we’re glad to see new faces breaking into the top 10 over at PKR Poker. Only a little time will tell if some of the faces that often grace the top 10 will reappear. Keep your eyes peeled for the leader boards next week to keep tabs on all the action. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full-Leaderboard.

Here’s the top 25:

1 Taxman1982 13658.90
2 highheeledhotty 11457.60
3 17043400 9797.20
4 PaTrickTonFion 9703.70
5 CallmeTheNuts 9234.90
6 supapanas 8036.75
7 Vincanity15 7988.30
8 PkrNight 7742.50
9 dav20000 7595.90
10 DELAMOYA 7283.20
11 pokerfreak013 7007.85
12 4KINGDONKEY 6774.55
13 gladheateher 6562.80
14 deboite45 6400.45
15 fonzy1225 6340.20
16 1potato2 6274.00
17 PirateNation 6118.80
18 Matthetrap 6063.20
19 KATA222 6028.40
20 Kwiqs 6021.70
21 sunglasman 5878.50
22 vincevegas33 5732.40
23 Hannelore 5676.40
24 FlyingLure 5591.30
25 ThrowOnD 5580.80