Is it Sunday yet? Thankfully it certainly is and that means another PKR Poker leader board update for all of you avid readers and I’m sure you’re keeping weekly tabs on this exciting stuff. If you’re not you certainly should be!

Things are as exciting as ever over at PRK with familiar faces showing up in the top ten such as farryboy, pokeman84, osteomat and many more that we are starting to recognize on a weekly and monthly basis.

Farryboy is still holding his number one spot and holds it strong with over a 12,000 point lead. He’s becoming a familiar face here at the top of the PKR leader boards. Pokerfreak013 is holding strong in second with deboite45 nipping at his heels with just under 2000 points to catch him. Fonzy 1225 moved up two spots to fourth and pushed pokeman84 down one spot to fifth. Down one spot to sixth is osteomat while jefnl1981 and tassen77 hold the seventh and eighth positions steadily. RiverStarCar moves two spots up to ninth and nalake drops one spot to tenth place. If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full Leaderboard.

Here’s the current top twenty five over at PKR Poker:

1 farryboy 35642.30
2 pokerfreak013 22337.95
3 deboite45 20890.50
4 fonzy1225 18018.60
5 pokeman84 17577.15
6 osteomat 17479.35
7 jefnl1981 15147.20
8 tassen77 13784.00
9 RiverStarCar 13714.70
10 nalake 13315.55
11 finnpokerman 12437.00
12 Oscar2000 12289.90
13 sourshark 12276.90
14 caroshi 11427.35
15 oneedv 11249.20
16 vincevegas33 11071.90
17 luxaeterna 9951.40
18 Brazzino 9915.75
19 TheThimster 9868.55
20 ronjas 9597.60
21 ShiftY01 9578.45
22 CantBullyMe 9444.00
23 MegaSletje 9281.05
24 MrMoody 9223.70
25 laura888 9208.70

The action is always hot over at PKR poker, so keep yourself glued to your seat here on Sundays at FTR and watch the top players duke it out for their piece of the pie. We’re starting to see some regular names every month here so keep your eyes peeled for any newcomers trying to take the top spots away from players such as the ever present farryboy! If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated.