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I was reading in the forums here and on blogs here yesterday, and I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to quickly find the posts this morning to show you what I was reading…

But I was reading about coming up with a plan, and working the plan.  So I took it upon myself to write myself a set of rules.  I then placed them on a page and placed that page in my face.  I sat with my legs up and played a $2 SNG yesterday, and everytime I went to violate the rules, I made myself re-read the entire page.

Well… it worked.  I was kind of surprised that I found myself in with 5 others still at the 60/120 level, just before the break we finally got to three players, but I stuck to the plan and ended up in 2nd.  The breaker, which kept me from first, involved a slow play by the chip leader with rockets… I had top pair with a good kicker and he slow played, checking through till the river where he went all in against my bet… feeling confident and not having seen him slow play through the entire tourney, I went for it… and of course lost.

But all in all, the first tourney with the plan firmly rooted in my hand worked well…

So far:

$2 SNGs using the plan entered – 1

Finishes: Bubble – 0, Third – 0, Second – 1, First – 0