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One of the fastest growing poker community sites on the web today is  This site isn’t like just any other poker community site where people only talk about random things on the forum each day.  They feature strategy articles, room reviews, and even the top stories in poker news!

New members are joining every day and finding that being a part of the FlopTurnRiver association has increased their poker knowledge, given them access to bigger and better bonuses, and upped their level of play!  Several members have even testified that since finding FlopTurnRiver their poker strategy has immensely improved.  Ultimately, that means more winnings!

Members of the FlopTurnRiver forum also enjoy exclusive access to several different poker tournaments and freerolls each month.   In fact, there is over $3,500 in added prize money up for grabs each month!  Tournaments take place at such prestigious sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Bodog, and new events are constantly being added.

FlopTurnRiver, or FTR for short, has actually acquired two new events for its players this month.  One of them a $200 guaranteed tournament at PartyPoker and the other a $200 freeroll at TowerGaming!

To see the full details of FlopTurnRiver’s events, people can register an account in their poker forum.  Here, members can even opt-in to a Events Reminder email that sends out day-of reminders for the events.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

FTR18 (April 18th 14:00 ET) – The FTR18 sponsored by Paradise Poker usually allows players to compete in the €400 money added event for just €5.50, but this month they have doubled the guarantee to €800!  That is huge!

$100 Freeroll (April 19th 20:00 ET) – This $100 freeroll at PlayersOnly is hosted each month for registered members of FTR’s forums.

FTR420 (April 20th 16:20 ET) – If you can’t guess, this tournament will be hosted at Reefer Poker.  For all those who celebrate 4/20, or would just like to play in a nice money added tournament, this $300 guarantee will be a great fit.  The buy-in is $5.50.

FTR $200 Freeroll @ Bet365  (April 22nd 16:00 ET) –  This NLHE freeroll is hosted by Bet365 and leaves $200 up for grabs for registered FTR forum members.

FTR $200 Freeroll @ FullTilt (April 23rd 20:00 ET) – Unlike Bet365’s freeroll, this $200 freeroll is restricted just to those have signed up with FullTilt using FlopTurnRiver’s links.  This gives direct signups to FullTilt their own special shot at earning some free money!

FTR24 (April 24th 15:00 ET) – This money added event is brand new!  PartyPoker is now offering FTR members a $200 guaranteed tournament!  The buy-in is $5 + $1.  In order to participate, players must have registered with PartyPoker using FTR’s links and have earned at least 1 Party Point.

FTR25 (April 25th 22:05 ET) – CakePoker hosts this $100 money added event each month for just a $1.10 buy-in, and they accept US players!

April $500 Private Freeroll (April 26th 15:00 ET) -Direct signups through FTR’s links have been invited to partipate in this private $500 freeroll by Mansion Poker.  No passwords are needed, just create your Mansion account by using FTR’s links.

FTR26 (April 26th 20:00 ET) -In addition to their freeroll, PlayersOnly also hosts a $300 money added event for just $3.

FTR $200 Freeroll (Flopturnriver players) (April 27th 14:00 ET) – Another new event!  TowerGaming is now holding a $200 freeroll for registered FTR forum members!

Restricted FTR $300 Freeroll (April 28th 20:00 ET) – Have you signed up for PokerStars yet?  If you haven’t, be sure to sign up using FTR’s links, because being a direct sign up of PokerStars through FTR earns you entry into an exclusive freeroll where $300 will be up for grabs!  Only direct signups are allowed to play.

FTR400 (April 30th 18:05 ET) – Titan Poker hosts this NLHE tournament which has a whopping $400 added to the prize pool!  And the buy-in is just $2.20!  Make sure to use FTR’s links and bonus code to take advantage of Titan’s new and improved 100% up to $500 first deposit bonus too!

FTR300 (April 30th 21:00 ET) – Last up for the month is PokerStars’ FTR300.  This $300 money event is open to FTR’s forum members for just a $3.30 buy-in.