When it comes to online poker, the overall experience factor is something that Bodog has always taken very seriously. You won’t find any cheesy images, annoying music or sketchy marketing tactics anywhere on Bodog because that’s not the way they roll.

In keeping with the level of respect that Bodog maintains for each and every player, they’ve recently added some cool features to their online poker room that you have to check out:

Muck Just One Card: A common feature in land casinos, mucking (or flipping) one card is a strategy that Bodog’s skilled Hold’em players can now use to confuse or even mock their opponents. A frustrated opponent makes for a rewarding win, wouldn’t you agree?

The Final Table: When you reach the final table at any multi-table tournament (MTT), Bodog keeps it classy by bringing you to a table that’s worthy of your success thus far; edgy graphics and a tastefully designed table compliment the intensity of final table action.

Play Texas Hold’em at Bodog today for a truly unique online poker experience.

(Bodog Press Release)