Poker history can be a pretty wide area of poker to cover. There are tons of issues, hands or situations that could be thrown into the poker history category. Continuing on with the past couple weeks I am going to cover a particular player who has made great history for himself. This player has been nothing short of incredible and almost everything he does is a notable feat in the poker world. The player I am talking about today is Phil Hellmuth.

Phil Hellmuth was the youngest player to win the World Series of Poker, beating out the defending Johnny Chan in 1989. He went on to grab his 10th WSOP bracelet in the $1000 dollar bracket. Hellmuth has won a total of over 5.6 million dollars playing poker, and is ranked 7th overall on the WSOP money list!

Hellmuth tends to narrow his focus on playing mainly in the WSOP. He hasn’t won a WPT (World Poker Tour) event, but he has won a few Late Night Poker events. He is also notable for his brash and direct statements to other players when a bad beat has taken place, and is relatively condescending towards non-veteran players.

Despite his brash playing, he is a very talented Texas Hold’em player and has won a large amount of events over his short career as a young player. At only 24 years old he has accomplished more than most players and it looks like he will continue to push the envelope in the poker world.

I will continue with these poker player histories each week and I hope you are enjoying them. It’s always exciting to see how players can come from a “normal” background and manage to do so well in being a professional poker player. Personally, I consider it an inspiration considering Hellmuth is only a year older than myself and has won millions of dollar more than I have earned in my entire life!