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Poker in the Park is set to make its triumphant return this summer. Taking place in London’s Hanover Square, this poker-palooza will run from September 2nd through the 3rd and will include a wide variety of poker related activities.

For starters, attendees will be able to test their skill in live heads-up action, with games to be held at state of the art electronic poker tables. Sit and Go tournaments will also be available, where players can compete over sizable sums of cash. Some of the biggest names in the game will be on hand, as well, to offer strategy sessions to those who wish to improve their game.

Last year’s Poker in the Park event saw more than 20,000 individuals making their way through Leicester Square. A list of the more recognizable 2010 attendees included Liv Boeree, David Ulliott, Neil Channing, and Evander Holyfield. This year, event planners are making allowances for an even larger crowd.

Also on tap for the event will be the second annual British Poker Awards, which are to be held at the brand new main stage. According to iGamingBusiness, there may be a few other acts showing up to take part. While there are no official confirmations, fans can certainly expect to see a decent show.

Lyceum Events is the corporation responsible for putting all of this together. Check their website for further updates as the day of the event draws near.