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It seems online poker in America may not come to realization according to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal by Howard Stutz. As reported yesterday the bill by Sen. Harry Reid did not contain the poker legislation that everyone had hoped for, dampening most of the hope that there would be legal online poker in 2012. According to the article a wall street gaming analyst predicted there would be no poker legislation until 2013 as a result of having the poker partition of the bill being removed.

The article further states that the state of Nevada could potentially gain quite a bit due to more lax gaming regulations that go into effect in a month. Macquarie Securities gaming analyst Chad Beynon has pointed out that Nevada could be the only state to allow for online poker this year, which would bring in untold amounts of revenue as Las Vegas, Nevada is already considered the poker capital of the United States, if not the World. The move could bring in many professionals from around the United States who chose not to make the move abroad to continue their poker career, as well as the many former online professionals who moved to Las Vegas to play in brick and mortar locations who would now have the option to play online full time again.

There are some in Washington who believe that, in the last “Lame Duck” sessions of congress, poker legislation will be attempted to be pushed through. “Lame Duck” meaning when a politician is ending their tenure and tries to get last minute projects voted into policy before they are forced to give up their seat to their successor. These would be attempted in November and December as elections in America take place in November and elected officials leaving have these two months to pass legislation before they vacate their seat. However it should be noted that two years ago Senators Reid and John Kyl attempted and failed to push through poker legislation in the same “Lame Duck” fashion. Once again it seems that online poker in America must wait a little longer.