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Bodog Poker. A new and enhanced resizable beta client has been released by Bodog Poker and is now available for public testing. They are looking for feedback for their new and improved features, one of which has been the most popularly requested – resizable tables. Other features include full screen mode, embedded chat, game details, and on-demand player tools. To help improve the site even more, future beta versions will be released reflecting the feedback Bodog receives from its players. Players will also be able to choose between the established and beta clients during each session. Each of the beta versions will run independently. One of the upcoming features, that will run this same way, is the capability to play more than three tables at a time.

Ladbrokes Poker. Ladbrokes Poker has just improved the playing experience for its users. The table has been redesigned to not just be fully customizable, but to also provide more features. These include avatar images, automatic table tiling, simple-to-use action buttons, instant graphical hand history, real time statistics, and upgraded chat facilities. Other features include a best hand display, the ability to see your cards after you’ve folded them, and the ability to see the next card to be dealt in a hand, rabbit hunting.

CryptoLogic. One of the leading online gaming software and service providers, CryptoLogic, has upgraded to provide more great features for its users. Have you ever wanted to host your own tournament over the Internet? Now you can. CryptoLogic has a new “Create Your Own Tournament” feature, so now you can experience the same camaraderie experience as a personal poker game, online too! Only those who are invited will be able to play. Now users not only have the ability to host their own tournaments, but customize their filter settings for finding cash games and tournaments too. Instead of having to shuffle and search through all of the available games, players will be able to set certain criteria so that only the games they want to play will be displayed. Such criteria includes game type, speed, and maximum number of players. CryptoLogic’s services are only available to non-U.S. players.