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Have you been playing on Pokerstars? No? Well, here’s what you have been missing:

The challengers have been determined. The pros are now waiting. It’s the modern version of showdown in the west, but online and with cards and chips instead of with guns and knives.
The Pokerstars All-Star week begins today, and promises to bring all sorts of suspense and excitement to everybody!

The All Star Challengers will confront the Team Pokerstars Pros in a series of 35 grueling heads-up matches, each and every match having a $1000 prize pool. How can you get in on the action? Easy! Bet on who you will think will win!

To pick sides, do the following in your PokerStars software:

Events > Special >
And then buy into either of the following tournaments for only 100fpps:
-Team Challengers Supporters Tourney
-Team PS Pro Supporters Tourney

Here’s the kicker, for every match one of your team’s participants win, $1000 gets added to the pool of your tournament. So say you register for the Team Challengers tourney, and somehow they miraculously win all 35 matches, the prize pool you get into for your 100fpps is $35,000! So make sure to choose the winning side, in order to get the biggest prize pool!

Do this today! The registration closes on midnight ET on March 26th!