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The online poker version of Pros VS Joes has just concluded in the PokerStars AllStar week. Despite an impressive showing by the Joes (with kAmIkAdZeEe, for instance, not losing a single one of his matches), the Pros did win by the slightest of margins.

Going into the final 5 matches of the AllStar week, both sides were deadlocked at 15 wins apiece. It was only on the final day of the competition with the final 5 matches, in which victory would be decided with the Pros snatching the first PokerStars AllStar week 18-17.

The deciding match was #34, with Chad Brown going up against Sumpas in NLHE. Chad Brown played great during the whole AllStar week, and now needed one more victory in order to win it all for his team.

Brown’s star must have been up for the entire week however, and this deciding match was no exception. Before long, he was holding a 4-1 chip lead, and poor Sumpas (despite having encouragement from the rail) was simply overwhelmed by Brown. The last hand of the match was simply Brown holding the A2 of clubs vs 64of clubs on a A57 rainbow flop. Sumpas missed twice with his 8-out open-ender, and Brown took down the decisive victory, sealing the win for the Pro’s in the first ever PokerStars AllStar week!

Match 35 was also an interesting one. The challenger, kAmIkAdZeEe, had nothing to play for since the outcome for the particular match did not matter. However, this one turned to be one of the most interesting and action-packed matches of the whole tournament!

#35, kAmIkAdZeEe vs Greg Raymer, had many ups and downs and twists and turns, and many sudden plot twists. In the end, kAmIkAdZeEe won despite Raymer having had a 9-1 chip lead during the match. The last hand went like this: Raymer, now having been ground down to about 3-1 down in chips, 3bet and called kAmIkAdZeEe’s all-in shove on a 9c8h4dJh board while holding the AJss. He ran into kAmIkAdZeEe’s Ts7d for the made straight, so no matter what the river brings, it was all over.

Congratulations on everyone who participated for having delighted us all with brilliant performances in all of the various poker disciplines. A landslide was anticipated, but never materialized thanks to the fact that both sides played some excellent poker. For full results of all the 35 matches, please visit the PokerStars AllStar week results page.

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