When it comes to the online world, Poker Stars has definitely become a monster. They are easily the largest online poker room today by a landslide. However, even after saying all of that it is pretty amazing what they accomplished yesterday on Sunday December 30, 2007. They became the first site to have 150,000 active players and 20,000 active tables.

This is a first for Poker Stars and for the online industry. Poker Stars had set their own record back in February of 2006 when they became the first site to have over 100,000 players at once. It would only be fitting for them to break it again, less than 2 years later. The holidays must have really attracted some new faces, because their Sunday tournaments were also the largest they have had to date. The Sunday Million was almost the Sunday Two Million when more than 1,800 players showed up for a $1.8 million prize pool! First place in this event was an astounding $353,552!  This is an amazing accomplishment and is a breath of fresh air, letting players know that internet poker is still booming.

Older players never got the chance to experience online poker, and many younger players probably take it for granted, as quoted from the PokerStars Blog:

“These kinds of days make you thankful for online poker. It’s just not easy to find more than 20,000 dealer buttons on short notice…especially on a Sunday.”

The industry is not suffering, it is still alive and well. At least you know it is at Poker Stars! They offer the largest cash games, tournaments, freerolls, satellites, and sit and gos anywhere. They have multiple records, including the largest tournament ever hosted; live or online. Every Sunday they run the Sunday Hundred Grand which is a $10 + $1 buyin with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. However, every week it attracts the max capacity, which is 20,000 players, making first place $20,000 and paying out 3000 places! It is amazing that a tournament with a $10 buyin can pay out a $20k prize, and attract such a large field. If this were a live poker event, it would take weeks to complete. But on Poker Stars, the tournament started and was over in less than 8 hours. This is one of the reasons it has been given the name “The Sunday Crapshoot!”

You’re never going wrong by signing up at Poker Stars. They offer cash games as low as $.01 – $.02 all the way up to $200 – $400, and tournaments as low as $.10 up to $10,000. Sign up at Poker Stars by clicking on the link and you will receive a first time bonus of 100% up to $50 through FTR! You could be one of 150,000 playing at once!