Yup, PokerStars introduced a new game. It’s called Badugi (BA-DOO-GEE), and it’s like bizarro stud + lowball + razz combined.

Badugi is very popular in Asia. On PokerStars, you will be able to find both Sit n Go’s and Cash games of this interesting poker variant.

Badugi is a draw poker game. It plays a little (or a lot) like lowball. You play with four cards, and the best hand you can make is A234 of four suits. Yes, suits do count here. There are 3 different drawing opportunities where players can stand pat or draw any amount of cards (up to 4, obviously).

It remains to be seen if Badugi will catch a good wind and fly high on PokerStars, but new games are always welcome and nice!