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A lot has changed atop the PokerStars monthly tournament leaderboard over the last week, as many of the top ten contenders have fallen out of site. Last week’s leader ace_cider fell all the way back to 48th place this week, being replace at the top by grebnrets86, who had a 4000+ chip week. One of the few people to keep pace this week was pino1234 who remains in second place just 500 chips away from the leader.

Four more newcomers to the leaderboard this week are 00psiedaisy, ramondemon77, jkelsey, and eidur888.  None of these players were even in the top 100 just seven days ago, however with great weeks of play from all four, they now are sitting in the third to sixth place spots respectively.

In seventh place this week is swooshdog4 who fell three places from a fourth place perch last week. Being just over 650 points behind grebnret86 in first place however means a great week could have swooshdog4 in any of the higher spots on the ladder. Directly behind swooshdog4 is Zackattak13, who is obviously looking to make it two in a row after winning the leaderboard competition last month. With an impressive seven day run Zackattak13 could very well overcome the 700 point deficit to reel in the current leader. Moving from the 17th spot last week into the top ten is radfrobot, who now sits in the ninth place spot, just 100 points behind Zackattak13. After landing in the fifth place spot last week, WoodBrave is now clinging onto the last place in the top ten list, just 16 chips away from being knocked down to eleventh place.

With the month of March nearly half over, the real contenders are beginning to emerge, however with twenty days remaining and less than 1000 points separating first and tenth place, anybody could make a big move and dethrone the leader of the week.

The top 10 as of March 10, 2009 looks like this:

1. grebnrets86 – 5599.22 chips
2. pino1234 – 5496.78 chips
3. 00psiedaisy – 5286.25 chips
4. ramondemon77 – 5219.81 chips
5. jkelsey – 5104.93 chips
6. eidur888 – 4938.06 chips
7. swooshdog4 – 4933.80 chips
8. Zackattak13 – 4868.73 chips
9. radfrobot – 4756.60 chips
10. WoodBrave – 4694.02 chips