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The PokerStars Monthly Leaderboard had a minor shakeup this week, with a new player sitting in first place once again. Many of the top 10 from last week however managed to stay close and are still in the hunt. VerySexual and buller00, who were ranked first and second respectively last week, both had solid weeks once again. They did however both slide down one spot and are sitting in second and third place at the time. Jonyctt and bluemenkind, who were sitting in third and fourth at the end of last week both fell two spots but remain hot on the trail of the leaders.

Surging from beyond the top 100 last week into the number four spot was Belgian poker player SpaceyFCB, who now sits slightly more than 1000 points behind the leader. That leader also happens to be new to the top 10 list, as they sat in fourteenth spot last week. AJinOK had a great week, shooting up nearly 3000 points to claim the leader’s position with just a week and a half left in the month.

However, it looks like it will most likely come down to the very last days of the month to decide this one. Only 250 points separate first and second positions at the moment, with just over 1500 separating first place from tenth. With players putting in 3000+ point weeks, the leaderboard could swing in anybody’s favor over the remaining ten days of the month. Only next week can tell if AJinOK will be able to put in another solid week and cement his position at the top or if another player will go on a heater and snatch the spot from him.

Here is a look at the entire top 10 after this week:

1. AJinOK – 7224.67 chips
2. VerySexual – 6960.71 chips
3. buller00 – 6600.11 chips
4. SpaceyFCB – 6210.11 chips
5. jonyctt – 6177.59 chips
6. blumenkind53 – 6060.34 chips
7. SirECartman – 5720.05 chips
8. BluNTzz549 – 5705.21 chips
9. Chessskid – 5649.96 chips
10. kekec24 – 5635.28 chips