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Although only one name changed in the top 5 of PokerStars monthly tournament leaderboard this week, it still experienced quite a shakeup as only one player remained in the same position as last week. VerySexual was the only player in the top 10 to remain in the same position, sitting steadily in second just behind the leader once again. Last week’s leader, AJinOK slid slightly down to third, while buller00 slid one place back and now sits in fourth place. Further shaking things up, last week’s fifth and sixth place players blumenkind53 and jonyctt also switched places. Seventh through tenth place were filled with nearly all new players this week. Allin991, TheLipoFund, and supreamdream all pushed into the top 10 this week, while BluNTzz549 tripped up and fell from eighth last week to tenth place this week. The most significant move of the week however was made by SpaceyFCB, who was behind the leader by 1000 points last week. He had a great surge this week and moved into first place by slightly over 100 points.

The leaders must be content with only 3 days remaining in the month and the $5k first prize within their reach. It looks like the top positions will come right down to the wire though as less than 200 points separate the top four positions. The top prize is most likely out of reach for the rest of the field, with a 500+ point jump between fourth and fifth place. The leaderboard prize pool has a $500 difference between fifth and tenth however, so every point will still matter for the entire field. Next week we will wrap up the final days of the month and see who took down the top prizes, along with who is out to a head start in February’s leaderboard.

The top 10 currently looks like this with 3 days remaining in the month:
1. SpaceyFCB – 8072.75 chips
2. VerySexual – 7960.62 chips
3. AJinOK – 7900.87 chips
4. buller00 – 6990.18 chips
5. blumenkind53 – 6346.30 chips
6. jonyctt – 6186.85 chips
7. Allin991 – 6167.18 chips
8. TheLipoFund – 6085.78 chips
9. supreamdream – 6049.83 chips
10. BluNTzz549 – 6036.03 chips