It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s time to take a look at the PokerStars Leaderboard. We’re pretty much at the halfway point of October, so the top players for the month are starting to become more apparent. To see what we’re playing for and to get a better idea of how the Leaderboard on PokerStars works, please click here.

Here’s how the top ten for the month looks right now:

1. Allanon85 – 5988 pts
2. nomorebeats – 5548 pts
3. 1ofaKind420 – 5395 pts
4. Finn1991 – 5345 pts
5. PinkGeorgey – 5194 pts
6. pairDboard21 – 5035 pts
7. jeffbeesdat – 4946 pts
8. WoodBrave – 4845 pts
9. $-iTuG-$ – 4773 pts
10. derek8 – 4749 pts

We have five holdovers from last week: Allanon85, 1ofaKind420, PinkGeorgey, pairDboard21, and $-iTuG-$ all remain in the top ten for October. Allanon85 continues to hold the top position, though his lead has been whittled down a bit by the emerging nomorebeats, who has jumped up from 18th place and 3469 points, an increase of 16 spots and over 2,000 points! That is truly impressive. Nomorebeats seems to be quite hot right now and looks ready to put some pressure on Allanon85.

Joining the top ten this week are two players who aren’t strangers to being atop leaderboards. Derek8 is in 10th right now, with 4,749 points, while jeffbeesdat is in 7th with 4,946 points. Both are in the yearly leaderboard’s top ten as well! So it comes as no surprise that these incredibly consistent players are in the top ten for October right now, especially since derek8 is currently number one in the yearly standings with a massive 37,180 points. As for others on the monthly leaderboard right now, pairDboard21 had a bit of a fall off this week, dropping down from 2nd to 7th place. Two players who passed him in the standings were 1ofaKind420 and PinkGeorgey.

Let’s take a look at the yearly standings:

1. derek8 – 37,180 pts
2. shaundeeb – 33,483 pts
3. QuasiFiction – 32,226 pts
4. Pokerccini – 31,708 pts
5. ICuRaRook – 31,104 pts
6. jeffbesdat – 30,625 pts
7. bluntman82 – 30,400 pts
8. BreakRibs – 30,047 pts
9. ender555 – 29,555 pts
10. jitterbug777 – 29,273 pts

The same ten players that were in the top 10 last week are still in this week. However, there was some small movement within these players. Derek8 didn’t gain too much in the past week, but it’s still going to be incredibly tough for anyone to catch him before the end of the year, even shaundeeb. QuasiFiction comes in once again at 3rd, keeping the top 3 the same this week. Perhaps the most important jump this week came from Pokerccini. He had a solid week, gaining over 1,300 points, finishing in 4th place this week.

Be sure to check back next week for another PokerStars Leaderboard report. October will be even further along by then and we’re sure to see some late-month leaderboard runs! If you would like to see today’s standings in its entirety, please click here. Also, if you’d like to check out standings from any other days, click here.