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October is nearing its end, with Halloween just around the corner next Friday. It’s been quite the interesting week, so let’s take a peek at how the standings have changed since I wrote last Wednesday. If you’d like to take a look at how the leaderboards on PokerStars work first, click here.

This is how the monthly leaderboard currently stands:

1. shaundeeb – 7187 pts
2. nomorebeats – 6874 pts
3. Allanon85 – 6537 pts
4. WoodBrave – 5925 pts
5. Finn1991 – 5880 pts
6. PinkGeorgey – 5808 pts
7. Maniac4Life – 5704 pts
8. 1ofaKind420 – 5647 pts
9. Bdbeatslayer – 5495 pts
10. jeffbeesdat – 5175 pts

There’s yet again a new number one on the monthly leaderboard. The new leader is shaundeeb, who is one of the most consistent tournament grinders online. He was in 16th place last week with 4,409 points, and he had a very impressive week to vault himself to 1st place. Nomorebeats stood his ground this week, keeping the 2nd spot. Allanon85, the former number one, is down to 3rd, failing to increase his point total much since last Wednesday.

This week there were only three new players in the top 10 for the month. Aside from shaundeeb, the other two new arrivals were Maniac4Life in 7th and Bdbeatslayer in 9th. Time is running out in October for the rest of the players, and it looks like it might end up being a competition between shaundeeb, nomorebeats, and Allanon85 for 1st place.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 players this year:

1. derek8 – 37,217 pts
2. shaundeeb – 35,896 pts
3. Pokerccini – 32,453 pts
4. QuasiFiction – 32,429 pts
5. ICuRaRook – 31,221 pts
6. bluntman82 – 30,719 pts
7. jeffbeesdat – 30,706 pts
8. BreakRibs – 30,323 pts
9. ender555 – 29,555 pts
10. Bruno GT – 29,545 pts

What an interesting week for the yearly leaderboard. Last week I mentioned that it looked like derek8 was running away with it for the year, but I just proved to myself that you should never assume victory before you have it. Enjoying an awesome week that put him in 1st place in the October Leaderboard, shaundeeb is creeping up on derek8 in the yearly race. Shaundeeb is well known for playing a massive volume when playing for the yearly leaderboard, sometimes playing over 24 tables at once! That being said, derek8 is no slouch himself, playing over 6,000 tournaments this year. One thing has become clear: this is going to be great race to the end! Perhaps our favourite PokerStars players will stay home on New Years Eve to play tournaments … As for the rest of the pack, Pokerccini continues his ascent, moving up to 3rd this week and knocking QuasiFiction back to 4th. IcuRaRook kept his spot, while bluntman82 and jeffbeesdat switched places this week. BreakRibs and ender555 kept themselves in the top 10, placing 8th and 9th respectively. Bruno GT has returned to the top 10 kicking  jitterbug777 out in the process.

That’s all for this week, so be sure to check back next week for the exciting finish of October. If you’d like to take a look at today’s complete leaderboard standings, please click here. If you’d like to have a peek at the standings from any other day this month, click here.