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It’s Wednesday again, so let’s have a peak at the PokerStars Leaderboard for this week. We’re already almost a third of the way into October, so the monthly race should be getting exciting! If you want to learn about how the leaderboards work on PokerStars, please click here and get acquainted before reading on.

Here is how the top ten for October looks right now:

1. Allanon85 – 5272 pts
2. pairDboard21 – 4592 pts
3. AJinOK – 4330 pts
4. 1ofaKind420 – 4094 pts
5. bluntman82 – 4069 pts
6. JuntMonkey – 4012 pts
7. $-iTuG-$ – 3933 pts
8. bjolla – 3767 pts
9. Tizm – 3759 pts
10. PinkGeorgey – 3736 pts

As predicted, the point totals are much larger than last week’s and the standings have completely changed. The player in first place last week (jager1987) isn’t even in the top 100 for the October leaderboard anymore. We’ve got 10 new players here, and it will be a little harder to kick these 10 off the list because they’ve had an entire week to settle into their spots.

Allanon85 hasn’t been on the leaderboards at all this year on PokerStars until around a month ago, in which time he’s shot up the standings. He sat in 59th place just a few days ago on October 5th, but he must have had a great day of tournaments because he was up 58 spots in 1st place by the 6th. He has the same point total two days later today, and we’ll see if he’s able to keep this top spot.

On the other hand, pairDboard21, has been on the leaderboards for months and months. He wasn’t in the top 10 last week when I wrote, but he didn’t waste much time and made sure he was there by October 3rd. Just yesterday he moved up 7 spots from 9th to where he is now in 2nd place.

AJinOK, the player in 3rd place, could very well be the best player out of the top 3. At the very least, he’s the player with the best results on the PokerStars leaderboard the last year out of the top 3 right now. He’s ranked 28th on the yearly leaderboard at the moment with 22,808 points, and he’s currently in the top 1.27% of all leaderboard players. Impressive!

Now let’s take a look at my favorite standings, the ones for the year:

1. derek8 – 37,112 pts
2. shaundeeb – 32,569 pts
3. QuasiFiction – 32,154 pts
4. ICuRaRook – 30,905 pts
5. bluntman82 – 30,401 pts
6. Pokerccini – 30,392 pts
7. BreakRibs – 29,851 pts
8. jeffbeesdat – 29,651 pts
9. ender555 – 29,438 pts
10. jitterbug777 – 29,274 pts

Comparing the standings from last week’s, there was one entrance and one exit for the top 10. Bruno GT was in 10th last week, but he fell one spot to 11th this week, not quite earning enough points to stay in the top 10. The player who moved into the standings this week was ender555. We’ll see if he can keep his place there by next Wednesday. Other than those two moves, not much is different. The top 3 are identical to last week’s aside from some point increases. Derek8 actually had quite a large point increase, gaining over 1,500 points to increase his lead even further over shaundeeb. Outside the top 3, a few players traded spots, some going up and some going down, but nothing drastic happened.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to come back next week for another PokerStars Leaderboard report. If you would like to see the full standings from today, please click here. Feel free to check out the standings from another day by clicking here.