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May is drawing near as we’ve got only two more days until PokerStars announces a new set of top ten winners for the month of April.  Despite the high tension and sense of urgency on the leaderboards over the course of the week, a couple new players have risen to the top whether the regulars like it or not.  The beautiful thing about MTT Leaderboards is that one giant win can send you soaring for 1st place in a short period of time. Excluding the new faces, the action here on the PokerStars Leaderboard has mellowed as players get situated and comfortable in their final positions.

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here:  April 28th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s take a look!

Current April 28th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

Rank    Name        Chips
1    ImaLuckSac     7650.97
2    HittinChills       6965.24
3    USCphildo        6102.83
4    chas031            5919.34
5    RevenX              5606.00
6    stealurmoney    5546.73
7    J Darnielle         5516.57
8    jeffbeesdat        5478.72
9    Bruno GT          5470.84
10  shaundeeb         5407.97

ImaLuckSac has held his 1st place position like a rock since he climbed into the seat weeks ago.  His impressive stronghold has proven to be tough to break over the course of his 19 day reign on first.  Unexpectedly, it is HittinChills sitting directly blow LuckSac in 2nd place this week. HittinChills first entered the top ten scene last week, rising to 4th after not owning a leaderboard position at all.   With just two more days till the whistle is blown and the Leaderboard is frozen, one has to wonder if USCphildo has got it in him to score a couple more nice wins helping him rise to at least 2nd place.  Last week USCphildo was in 2nd place with less chips than his current stack so it shows he’s still active.  It’s got to be tough working leaderboards on two different poker rooms though (Full Tilt and PokerStars.)

chas031 returns this week, dropping a place to 4th overall.  chas was one of the players who popped up out of nowhere last week, stealing 3rd place from his previous position that didn’t even rank in the top 100.  Close to chas031 is RevenX who remains in 5th place over the course of the week.  Making a respectable leap from last week’s 20th place, stealurmoney has risen to 6th place overall.  To last this far in the month, stealurmoney is showing definite skill, but to what degree we’ll have to find out in the next couple days and months to come.

J Darnielle showed strength at the start of the month in 3rd place, despite the fact that in the beginning, it could be anyone’s game.  Progressing further into the month, Darnielle never returned to the top ten until today, hovering up and down in rank between 11th and 20th place.  It’s good to see the return though, and hopefully he’ll be able to secure his position over the next two days. Bruno GT is another new face making an appearance on the top ten today.  Last week Bruno GT occupied 54th place in PokerStars’ Leaderboard!  Will he be able to sustain his giant leap or will his luck run dry by the start of May?

Though the action has mellowed, the next couple days are sure to be hot as players scramble to up their game in order to secure top ten wins on this MTT Leaderboard.  With the largest network of players in the world, maintaining a top ten position in the PokerStars Leaderboard is quite an accomplishment.  Check back next week to see the players who managed to remain on top for April wins!