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A lot of big names are returning on the PokerStars MTT Leaderboard this week, edging their way up to the top where they likely belong.  Last month was full of action and several heated battles for a top ten position.  In the end, ten well deserving players sealed themselves a win.  Despite the number of well recognized players, probably the two most deserving players on the leaderboard are nowhere to be found within the top twenty positions.  Shaundeeb and PearlJammer, who have both enjoyed a lot of success on the MTT leaderboards have some climbing to do if they’re going to make the top ten by the end of the month!

FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here:  June 9th Leaderboard Results. 

Let’s take a look!

Current June 9thth Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1    b00k0fMud0ra    5477.09
2    rage4dorder    4894.96
3    annachung    4326.44
4    NeverScaredB    3917.96
5    mdry93        3896.69
6    rbeckwith    3866.53
7    snake497    3852.09
8    ILS007        3802.22
9    ICuRaRook    3678.03
10   BongBob        3676.77

b00k0fMurd0ra kicked it into high gear over the course of the week, rising to 1st place from last week’s 8th.  This is the first time I’ve seen him hold the first place positions and it’ll be interesting to see if he can hold onto it for the better part of June.  Right below Mud0ra is rage4order, a player I’m familiar with on the PokerStars MTT leaderboard.  rage didn’t show his true potential last month, but still managed to secure a nice spot in 21st place overall for June.  Well this month is looking to be a lot more promising for rage as he’s sitting in 2nd with a comfortable lead over annachung.

annachung made a huge leap from last week, jumping all the way up to 3rd place from her previous held 78th place.  This is also the first I’ve seen of her, so I’ll keep an eye on her as well.  Following in anna’s footsteps is NeverScaredB who jumped from 59th place last week to his current 4th place position.  I should make it clear that early in the MTT leaderboard month, huge gains can happen because players still don’t have massive chip leads on each other, so it tends to be a lot more common.  As the weeks progress it gets tougher to make these huge leaps but is definitely still possible as I’ve seen it done several times before.

Keeping on the subject of huge gains, mdry93 has landed a top ten position in 5th place this week after occupying NO leaderboard position the previous week.  Because PokerStars only keeps track of the top 100 players, there’s no telling how far down the chain mdry was.  rbeckwith made a moderate jump from 32nd place to his current 6th.  snake497 slid down to 7th place after leading the pack in 1st last week.  There’s something to be said about still being in the top ten from the previous week though, especially with all the huge leaps.

Although ILS007 wasn’t in the top ten last week, today he sits in 8th place.  In May, ILS finished out the month with a 7th place overall win.  ICuRaRook was in the same boat as ILS and wasn’t in the top ten last week, but scored a 10th place finish for the month of May.  BongBob jumped up to 10th this week from his last week’s 86th position.

Some other notable players can be found scattered throughout 11-23rd.  Most notably is J Darnielle in 20th, pokerfun4321 in 22nd, and e4e5nf3nc6 in 23rd.

11    gparker1515    3651.13
12    bdol2103    3645.32
13    muttern3k    3585.65
14    edmunda        3582.73
15    WhatsWildAgn    3537.74
16    mikethamouth    3507.81
17    SingleFileD    3494.32
18    stacksanchez    3427.26
19    z 0 0 t s    3395.33
20    J Darnielle    3380.38
21    vic_the_pro    3354.34
22    pokerfun4321    3350.13
23    e4e5nf3nc6    3292.32