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It’s that time of the week again, and we’re nearing the end of May.  In about 10 days we’ll be looking at a new batch of dedicated poker players who have reached the top of the PokerStars MTT Leaderboard to claim their status as the best of the best. It seem as if the regulars are fading into the distance as more and more newer players continue to trickle into the top ten each week.  That being said there are still ten full days left for all the great players to pick up their game and rise to the top of the leaderboard where they’ve been so comfortable.

Remember, FlopTurnRiver keeps track of the PokerStars Leaderboard results daily and keeps them archived on the PokerStars network page which can be found here: Leaderboard-Calendar. Simply scroll down to the leaderboard section and select whichever day you feel like viewing.  It’s a great way to see how players are progressing as time goes on.

For a quick link to today’s full Leaderboard results (100 recorded places!) click here:  May 19th Leaderboard Results.

Let’s jump to it!

Current May 19th Top Ten MTT Leaders:

1    shaundeeb    6669.09
2    grindnitout    6028.10
3    e4e5nf3nc6    5176.53
4    rage4dorder    4877.23
5    ICuRaRook    4778.71
6    Kurt_Jara    4762.56
7    Hikkespett    4643.48
8    highmoose    4567.96
9    pkpon727    4544.36
10    thegosu2    4537.82

shaundeeb returns again for his second week in a row in the 1st place position for May.  He appears to be chugging along fairly strong with a slight lead of 600 chips over grindnitout in 2nd.  Last week I mentioned shaundeeb’s consistency in this MTT Leaderboard and it’s only fitting that he remains in the top ten this week, let alone 1st place.  NE1ButBush04 who held the 1st place position two weeks ago seems to be trickling down the leaderboard positions as was expected and can be found in 24th place this week.

grindnitout, in 2nd place with a very comfortable lead over 3rd place appears in the top ten after having no leaderboard position last week, attesting to the fact that anything truly can happen.  In 3rd this week, e4e5nf3nc6, up one position from last week.  After placing 53rd overall for April, I’d say his continuing climb in May shows some extreme improvement.  rage4dorder has risen two places from last week and now currently sits in 4th place.  rage is also showing improvement after his 33rd place for April.

Just missing any notable mention by a few places in last week’s article, ICuRaRook has improved his rank and managed to not only reach the top twenty places but also to secure a 5th place position for the week.  Last week he could be found in 23rd place, just three places away from the mentioned players in the top twenty positions.  Kurt_Jara is no doubt scrambling to recompose himself after his down slide to 6th place this week.  Last week he was in 2nd place with his eye on the prize.

In the same boat as ICuRaRook, Hikkespett was just off the top twenty positions last week in 22nd place.  Today he comes in at 7th place, looking to continue his climb for first.  highmoose has pulled another one of those MTT miracles landing an 8th place position after having no leaderboard position in any of the 100 recorded places last week.  Like Kurt, pkpon727 has dropped to 9th place from last week’s 3rd.  thegosu2 has improved his position by 7 places, up to 10th this week, just making the top ten cut!  In April thegosu2 couldn’t be found on the leaderboard and this is his first month in the 100 recorded places since I’ve been covering PokerStars and hopefully we’ll continue to see him around.

Here is a list of places 11-20.  J Darnielle, a great MTT player held 13th place last week but has since fallen to 31st.

11    BreakRibs    4498.81
12    MickBt23    4492.58
13    FRITTS        4489.97
14    IronRing08    4469.47
15    QuasiFiction    4396.85
16    1goodbeat    4303.46
17    JohnFR        4292.11
18    draqq        4253.46
19    IONA06        4174.45
20    docbaby        4172.07