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Have you been playing on No? Well, here is the short version of some of the things you have been missing out on.

This December, Pokerstars introduced a bunch of things in its software. They are:

New “Slick” Theme.

Slick Theme

You can change your theme by going to ‘View’ > ‘Table Themes’ in the PokerStars lobby menus.

Time Zones Yo!

Many time zones have been added. You can now see the time of your tourneys and whatnots in the following zones: ET, CET, PT, MT, WET aka GMT, and EET.

Satellites are easier to find

PokerStars was the first major online cardroom to offer this feature, and now they’ve made it easier. Just find a tournament you want to participate in, and within that screen itself will be a list of available satellites for you to register in instantly. It’s so simple, and it’s brilliant!


You can also use the satellite hyperlinks in the main “Tourney”>”Satellite”  lobby to quickly navigate through satellites and their targets.


Block Auto Tourney Announcements

Are the automatic tournament announcements interrupting your game’s flow? Tolerate them no more, and block them if you wish. This option is available in the “Options” menu in the main Pokerstars Lobby.

Increase the size of your Chat Text.

Size matters, or so she said. Increase the size of your text so you will never miss a line again! This is automatically done when you resize a table. So, resize the table, and the text resizes too for better viewing.

More info on this and other features of the Pokerstars Software can be found on the Pokerstars website.