I was poking around online today and saw something pretty epic that people should take notice of. Poker Trillion is offering a relatively insane offer to their players. With this offer you take your rakeback earned in regular playing and put it towards an event of your choosing instead of putting it in the bank. What this means is you could go to a large number of events for half the price you normally would. Can you imagine going to the World Series of Poker for only 5000 dollars? That’s pretty amazing to put it mildly.

Here’s how they break it down for you on their website:

Use your rakeback to enter live tournaments at a discount. In return for wearing our PT clothing we will offer a 25% discount to most Euro Ranking Main Events or if you choose to save up for the main event of the WSOP, or an EPT, we’ll extend the discount to 50%.

It seems wearing their clothing will give you even more of a discount at events. If you are looking to enter some events like this it would be silly not to give it a shot granted you play enough online poker to earn that sizable amount of a rakeback. Five grand could net you a lot of things, such as more practice playing with that money you saved, it could cover the costs of going there and finally it would be a nice little savings if you choose not to spend it at all!

Click here for a list of the events offered to you. As you can see a good number of them are located in Europe, but the WSOP Mini and Main events are an option so they are something to shoot for if you are stuck playing only in the United States. Take note that this doesn’t limit you to any certain events if you are overseas. Who’s to say you can’t take a little vacation to a big event of your choosing?

Honestly I can’t believe they are offering such a large discount to entry in live tournaments. Fifty percent is an enormous savings and it seems like Poker Trillion really takes care of their online player community. If I had the bankroll and the ambitions to enter the World Series of Poker you can bet that I would be playing at Poker Trillion to save myself some cash.