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PokerStars have announced the plans for the 100 Billionth Hand promotion that they have been teasing all along the “Road to 100 Billion” set of milestone promotions.

$5 Million has been set aside for this promotion, with $1,000,000 set to be given out when the actual Milestone hand is dealt, with half apparently going to the table where the hand is dealt, and the other 50% being split across the tables at the same game and limit when the hand was dealt.

Another Million dollars is planned to be given away, with the  milestone hands leading up to the big hand getting added value.

The remaining $3,000,000 is going to be given away in a range of special promotions, that have yet to be confirmed. We’ll definitely be bringing you the information on these when it’s released.

Poker stars has created an epic feeling video to promote this event, and we have it for you below.