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All North and South American must read this article. PokerStars is calling on you to represent your country in their Americas Cup of Poker. The finals will decide which American country is the best when it comes to the game of poker. There are tons of cash being laid out and many ways to qualify for this awesome chance to lead your country to the gold.

America is battling to be crowned as poker champion of the Americas. The USA, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, and Argentina will be facing each other to make their way into the finals. Any Latin American country that was not mentioned will be invited to play as ‘Rest of LatAm’ to make ten countries duking it out looking to make their way to the live final. The live final will be held in Argentina where a $100,000 prize pool is on the line.

A series of tournaments will be played that will award points to representatives from each of the ten countries. The six countries with the most wins after all the matches are complete will automatically qualify for the live final. These matches are set to end on April 13th so hurry to fight and get your country into the live finals. The remaining four countries will enter a playoff for the last two positions. At the moment this article was published, the rankings, along with their win/loss record, were as follows:

1. USA: 6-0
2. Argentina: 6-0
3. Canada: 5-1
4. Mexico: 4-2
4. Brazil: 4-2
6. Chile: 2-4
6. Colombia: 2-4
7. Rest of LatAm: 1-5
8. Venezuela: 0-6
8. Peru: 0-6

This means Chilean and Colombian players should register for the remaining matches to try and get their country into the last guaranteed final slot! The four players who accumulate the most points for any qualifying country over the course of the qualifying period will go to Argentina for the live final and represent their country for a chance at Americas Cup. They will be joined by a member of Team PokerStars Pro who will join the team as captain. The eight countries will battle for a share of the $100,000 prize pool.

May the best country win!