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PokerStars made history yesterday, dealing out its 65 Billionth hand! The promotion, ongoing for months, has been building up to hand 100 billion, with players involved in “milestone hands” receiving payouts all along the way.

Between hand 64.7 billion hands and 65 billion, in that 301 million hand span, PokerStars gave away over $770,589 to over 1600 players, including 301 prizes for players who won “1 Million Hand Milestone Hands.” The promotion brought lots of traffic to PokerStars. When the 65 billionth hand was dealt, over 230,000 players were online spread across over 34,000 tables!

The lucky winner of the hand was 25NL player “Yllams” from New Zealand, who has played at PokerStars for three years.

Yllams won lucky hand 65 billion, when all six players at the table went all in preflop and his A-K flopped trips on a board of A-A-9-4-7. For winning this lucky hand Yllams was given $68,420! That’s over 2200 buyins for his usual 25NL game! All other players seated at the table won at least $1,700. Each player at the table also won $500 for every VPP earned in the last 50 hands.

Totally blown away, Yllams said afterwards it was “unbelievable!” Up late playing poker, Yllams had to leave for work in a few hours! The New Zealander will certainly have a great story to tell when he shows up at work sleep deprived with a huge grin on his face!

And so the PokerStars march to 100 billion hands continues! To keep track of how many hand have been played on PokerStars, simply view the counter at the top of any PokerStars table. According to PokerStars there are three main ways to give yourself the best chance at winning big in a Milestone Hand: play more tables, play longer sessions, and play actions games!

Now PokerStars is gearing up for the 70 billion hand chase! It took approximately 4 months to go from hand 60 billion to hand 65 billion, so at that rate hand 70 billion should be dealt sometime in late November! Whoever else wins hand 70 billion will be guaranteed $70,000, plus about $1 Million in cash will be given out along the way!