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A short while ago, I was sat at a bunch of tables trying to get my part of the action from the staggering promotion that PokerStars had put together to finish off the “Road to 100 Billion Hands.” My $0.04/$0.08 Razz tables and my single $0.01/$0.02 NLHE table didn’t come up, because the big hand went down at a $0.02/$0.05 6-Max table called Euryalos XI. With over 65 thousand people watching, a hand that will go down in history was dealt. With everyone at the table being guaranteed at least $10,000, it was a jolly atmosphere and everyone seemed to be having a good time. That included a lot of the PokerStars Team Pro and team Online, who turned up to offer messages of congratulations. Also showing up it seemed was the entire PokerStars Support Staff, who also wanted to be part of this massive milestone for the company.  This is how the actual hand went down:


The winner of the hand “microulis,” had an extra $103,800 added to his account to go with the $31.55 pot he had just won. the rest of the players at the table earned as follows:

  • “Mayers666” – $12,460
  • “GlassGagguas” – $13,360
  • “MoodyMiss” – $12,760
  • “Doc836” – $13,440
  • “HeyitsClay” – $13,440

9,471 players qualified for the “Stake Share” by playing $0.02/$0.05 at the time the 100 Billionth hand hit. They will split a very tasty $830,790.34 between them, with the average going to each player being $84.72.

There is still time to get your hands on some extra cash, including being part of a world record breaking tournament attempt this Sunday.