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Continuing their tradition as one of the best online poker sites, PokerStars is ready to show its members just how much they appreciate their patronage. In a few days, the internet’s leader in online poker will host a special freeroll, available only to those who sign up directly through our links. All members who earn 200 FPP’S in the month of July will be allowed to enter, with an astonishing 25 Turbo Takedown tickets on the line.

What’s so special about these tickets? Well, PokerStars’ Turbo Takedown is one of the premier internet tourneys, taking place on the final Sunday of each month. The prize pool sits at $1,000,000 in guaranteed cash, which is a huge chunk of change. Plus, each winner is given an Audi TT!

For regular joes, entry costs 3,000 FPP. But now, FlopTurnRiver users can take their shot at one of 25 available tickets. The value of each tournament ticket is set at $48, which adds up to a total value of $1,200. The game takes place on August 7, at 3:00 PM ET. As mentioned before, you will need to have earned 200 FPP in July. So, if you don’t have an account already, there’s still time to cash in.

For the latest version of the software, visit our PokerStars download page. Users who sign up through FlopTurnRiver will also be eligible for an extra $1,000 in monthly tournaments, which is sure to sweeten the deal.

Overall, this is another great reason to join through FlopTurnRiver. Keep your eyes peeled for further promotions in the near future, as we continue to offer you the best values and biggest deals in the world of internet poker.