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Reaffirming its position as the best, most popular online poker room in the world, PokerStars announced the introduction of its new desktop software on August 7, 2014. PokerStars 7 was unveiled on PokerStars’ .COM, .EU and .ES clients and is currently available only to people who use Windows PCs.

Even more user-friendly and intuitive that its predecessor, PokerStars 6, the poker room’s newest platform has some new features that players will find useful regardless of whether they play daily or just once in a while. QuickSeat, for instance, enables individuals to instantly take a seat at the game of their choice with only a literal click of a button.

By using the tab, Favorites, people can store the cash games and tournaments they frequent most often, thus preventing them from having to navigate PokerStars’ lobby every time they want to participate in their favorite games and tourneys. Players can change the games and events that are listed on their Favorites tab by adding new ones and/or deleting the ones they are no longer interested in as their tastes change in the future.

PokerStars 7 no longer has the Options and Requests menus that were included in the previous version of the room’s software. Instead, PokerStars 7 has an Apps bar at the side of the site’s lobby which can be used for non-gaming things.

If someone is interested in getting into a live event by playing more affordable satellites, he/she will really enjoy the new Live Events tab. Live Events not only lists all of the satellites that have the potential to lead to a seat in a live event, the tab also physically maps the different qualifying paths people can follow to win a seat in a given live event!

Chip Graph is a new tool that tracks a player’s progress as the individual advances in a tournament. Chip Graph shows a tourney’s average and largest chip stacks throughout the event, too.

Players can try out PokerStars 7 by following the three simple steps listed below:

1. Load PokerStars 7 onto your Windows PC (software is currently only available on PokerStars’ .COM, .EU and .ES clients)
2. In the menu bar at the top of PokerStars’ lobby, click “Try PokerStars 7”
3. In the pop-up that will appear, click the big green button that reads, “Try PokerStars 7.” PokerStars 7 will open within seconds after the client momentarily closes.