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PokerStars, the world’s largest poker site, wants to know if you’ve got what it takes. Are you a Natural Born Poker Player?

This brand-new promotion features a series of exciting interactive games that veteran, casual, and non-poker players will all love. Six different games will put the player in a non-poker scenario to test how high their “Poker IQ” is.

Do you have the following innate poker talents?
– Bravery
– Bluffing
– Quick Thinking
– Logic
– Detection
– Cool Headedness

In each game a player is tested across three talents, and their highest-ranking talent becomes their “natural poker style.” Play now, and share/compare your results with your friends on social media. Play at least three games to test all six talents and gain your “natural poker IQ.” Take your results and see how you would match up again Team PokerStars Pros and celebrities, or compare your home country against another!

There are three games currently available, with more to follow in the upcoming weeks. Check back with us for more details as each new games launches.

Game #1 – THE CHASE: Have you got the skills to catch a thief?

Game #2 – THE KHAZI: Are you perceptive enough to pick the right spot?

Game #3 – THE POISONER: Have you got the skills to save your country?

Try Natural Born Poker Player out now and compare your Poker IQ with other Flop Turn River members here!

Think you’ve got what it takes to use your “natural poker IQ” in a real setting? Sign up to PokerStars via FlopTurnRiver and get a 100% initial deposit bonus up to $600 and participate in monthly freeroll events that are exclusive to our site!

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