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Most everyone who plays online poker is familiar with PokerStars considering they are one of the biggest online poker networks currently established in the world. With the 3.5 million and growing user base there is always an interesting battle to the top of the PokerStars Leader Boards which we will be covering here at FTR on a regular basis. Before we jump into the leader boards themselves lets take a look at a little background on the subject.

Pokerstars MTT leader boards are a way to show your skill in the online poker world and to prove to your peers that you can consistently come out on top. Every time a player places in the top 15% of a MTT they are awarded Tournament Leader Board Points. The point total varies per tournament, but these points allow you to move up in the ranks. There’s always the cash money incentive to get to the top of the PokerStars leader boards considering $1,000 is awarded weekly and $30,000 is awarded monthly and split up among the top 200 leaders.

PokerStars regularly updates a weekly and monthly leader board as well as providing a yearly leader board to see how a player stands long term.

With the weekly leader board it takes your best results from 12:00 am Sunday and 11:59:59 pm Saturday and the player with the highest TLB score gets the opportunity to play a member of Team PokerStars heads-up the following Sunday. The TLB winner gets to pick the game and the prize pool starts at $1,000.

The monthly leader board takes the best 20 from all the tournaments played between the 1st of the month and the last day of the month. They split $30,000 dollars in the following fashion:

Place Prize ($)
1 $5000
2 $3000
3 $2000
4 $1000
5 $750
6 $500
7 $400
8 $350
9 $300
10 $250
11 to 25 $200
26 to 50 $150
51 to 100 $100
101 to 200 $50

The yearly leader board takes the best 100 from the entire year. The winner receives a five stamp PokerStars passport netting them a buy-in, hotel accommodations and spending money for five major PokerStars tournaments. Second and third receive three and two stamps instead of five.

So we’re going to be keeping you updated on the PokerStars Leader Boards from here on out. You’ll see how everyone does in the tournament, how particular players are doing, what the top guns are doing and any other exciting info that pops up from week to week. Take a peek tomorrow for the first report on the leader boards from March. Take a look at the top 20 that placed in February so you can be prepared to compare the best of the month with the top players in the month of March:

Place User ID Country Points
1 usourcek US 8,035.87
2 DNA2RNA US 7,465.87
3 junior976 US 6,354.67
4 derek8 CA 6,181.74
5 ElMastermind US 6,086.38
6 bluntman82 NO 6,043.92
7 ender555 US 5,972.57
8 herdgolf86 US 5,949.42
9 MickBt23 US 5,845.46
10 D1rtyR1v3r US 5,626.13
11 shini_333 US 5,563.35
12 shaundeeb US 5,536.60
13 GordyLamb US 5,471.72
14 PearlJammer US 5,427.31
15 Mortal Limit US 5,419.40
16 UNLEASHED66 US 5,398.84
17 jitterbug777 US 5,342.60
18 supreamdream US 5,331.06
19 QuasiFiction US 5,216.59
20 Improved US 5,177.16