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As the month of January closed out, so did the monthly tournament leaderboard race on PokerStars. In the end it came down to the wire, but not much changed in the last few days of the month. SpaceyFCB held onto his place at the top and took down the $5000 first prize offered up by PokerStars with just over 8700 chips. Also standing strong was VerySexual, who locked up second place with over 8000 chips and took home the $3000 second place prize. Rounding out the top three was AJinOK, who pushed hard late but couldn’t overtake VerySexual and had to settle for a $2000 reward.

Picking up $1000 for a fourth place finish was buller00, who also held onto his place over the last 4 days of the month. The fifth place finisher was one of the only big surprises at the end of the month, as DESS66 surged from the mid-thirties to fifth place, picking up nearly 1500 chips in the last four days of the month. For his efforts he received $750 in prize money from PokerStars. blumenkind53 and BluNTzz549 took home $500 and $400 respectively, as they finished up in sixth and seventh place. Rounding out the top 10 were jonyctt, TheLipoFund, and kekec24 who won $350, $300, and $250 for their efforts this month.

The players finishing in 11-25 places would all take home $200, while the pay dropped to $150 for the players in 26-50. The amounts continued to drop, but players rounding out the top 100 all received $100 dollars, while $50 went to the people who finished in 101-200 places.

The top 10 at the end of the month looked like this:

1. SpaceyFCB – 8706.92 chips ($5000)
2. VerySexual – 8076.94 chips ($3000)
3. AJinOK – 7964.01 chips ($2000)
4. buller00 – 7093.55 chips ($1000)
5. DESS66 – 6659.97 chips ($750)
6. blumenkind53 – 6537.79 chips ($500)
7. BluNTzz549 – 6486.71 chips ($400)
8. jonyctt – 6447.03 chips ($350)
9. TheLipoFund – 6398.80 chips ($300)
10. kekec24 – 6396.40 chips ($250)

Being just 3 days into February, several players have already made a quick jump out in the new monthly leaderboard race. baneris and TennCrane both are already sitting with over 3000 chips. Meanwhile, huztlerCrew sits nearly 400 points back in third place while Indigo is sitting in fourth, 350 more points behind. Filling out the top five is ih8money who is nearly 1000 chips behind the leader already. However, there is still nearly 4 weeks left in the month of February and all players still have plenty of time to move up the rankings and capture some of the top prizes at the end of the month.

The top ten for February so far looks like this:

1. baneris – 3317.41 chips
2. TennCrane – 3264.81 chips
3. huztlerCrew – 2861.72 chips
4. lndigo – 2502.13 chips
5. ih8money – 2415.52 chips
6. khafan – 2356.74 chips
7. darou – 2308.57 chips
8. wurevolution – 2284.71 chips
9. LittleHippie – 2200.99 chips
10. BMlocal73 – 2196.45 chips