PokerStars is now offering a series of $100,000 freeroll tournaments to all those who make a deposit to their real money account.

Here’s how it works – By entering “100K” into the promotional code area of the cashier, players will be eligible to participate in up to four $1,000 freeroll tournaments per day over a stretch of 31 days. This works out to more than $100,000 in guaranteed money during a month’s time, which is a pretty impressive sum.

But here’s where things get even more interesting. These tournaments are scheduled to run through May 20, which is still a few months away. Rather than limiting players to a single month of free cash, PokerStars will allow them to use the “100K” code once per month, reactivating the promotion.

Those making their very first deposit will be eligible for both the $100K Freerolls and the company’s usual 100% up to $600 welcome bonus. These players should use the “STARS600” PokerStars Bonus Code, which will activate these promotions in tandem.

These freeroll tournaments are scheduled to run at 4:00 ET, 10:00 ET, 15:00 ET and 21:00 ET each day. The games feature an interesting reentry twist, as well. Though seats themselves are free, players can purchase unlimited rebuys within the first hour of the match for just $0.30 apiece.

While this program is scheduled to go on for quite a while, PokerStars has included one caveat. It should be remembered that these special freeroll tournaments only run through May 20. This means that players who want to get their full share of opportunities will need to make their deposits before the 19th of April. Those buying in can still participate in the remaining freerolls, but they won’t be able to cash in on the full 30 day stretch.