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Well, I got good news for you! The VIP Store Instant Cash credits that PokerStars has offered in the past ARE BACK! Yes, you read that right. These are bonuses in the PokerStars VIP Store just waiting there to be claimed, exchanging your FPPs for moneys without having to earn more fpps to clear anything!
Its really that easy. Silverstar+ players can make use of their FPPs to purchase one of the many PokerStars Instant Cash bonuses, and the credit will be added to their PokerStars account immediately. The amounts are $8, $40, $200 and $1,000; the perfect way to give your bankroll a quick boost.
These bonuses will onlybe available in September; furthermore, you will only be able to redeem each cash  bonus (at each value) only once.
To find these cash bonuses, all you have to do is navigate in your PokerStars lobby by clicking the “Cashier” button, then selecting the “VIP Store”. They will each be found under the VIP store.