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If you look around in the PokerStars Frequent Player Point store, you might have noticed that there are Porsches available for purchase. You would need SuperNova status and 3,000,000 FPPs to get one of your own, brand-spankin’ new. PokerStars has already given out 9 Porsches to a varying amount of its players; most notably Dario Minier. He was the first one ever to buy one of these. Well, for the rest of the world who is not SuperNova nor has 3,000,000 FPPs to spare, PokerStars will be giving out a brand new Porsche Cayman S later this month as top prize for the Turbo takedown anniversary edition.

As cool as that may be, that is definitely not all though. The prize pool of the anniversary turbo takedown will still be $1,000,000, but the entrance has been lowered from 5,000 FPPs to just 2,000 FPPs. That’s right; you could potentially win a Porsche Cayman S for just 2,000 FPPs. To put it in perspective, a deck of PokerStars cards from the FPP store costs 1,200 FPPs. That is how insane this deal is.

Note though, the tournament is capped at 30,000 players, with 1 in 3 receiving prizes. You could also qualify to play in this amazing tourney through one of the PokerStars satellites, available within the PokerStars software interface under Tourney > Satellite > FPP tab or Sit&Go > Satellite > FPP tab.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime deals, so DON’T MISS IT!