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On the 1st of May, we reported comments from The Atlantic Club, a New Jersey casino, that the deal for PokerStars to take over ownership of the venue was not going to be completed.

The deal has been thought to hinge on the ability of PokerStars to enter the newly regulated New Jersey online gambling market.

At around midnight UK time, we got an official response from PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications via his Twitter account:





It seems that something is going on between these two parties, and that PokerStars were as surprised as the rest of us the hear the deal was not going forward to a conclusion.

This deal has attracted criticism from the American Gaming Association (AGA), who have raised questions over PokerStars’ suitability for holding a gaming licence, primarily based on the situation surrounding the legal complications of “Black Friday.” In the community at large, these actions from the AGA have been seen as an action of protectionism for it’s members, and has apparently been bankrolled by the owners of the WSOP, Caesar’s Entertainment.

We’ll have to keep a very close eye on this developing situation, as it will be continually moving.