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Yesterday, Daniel Negreanu of PokerStars Team Pro tweeted a challenge to Gus Hansen, one of the Full Tilt Poker “Professionals.”

This challenge was Daniel’s response to some needling from Gus using the wonder of Twitter. Gus had posted a video from High Stakes Poker, of a hand where Gus’s set of fives turned into quads over Daniels set of sixes turning into a full house. It’s a truly ugly spot for Daniel when Gus hits his one outer, but not one he can really get away from, and he ends up losing the $575,700 pot. The comment of “Wonder if I ever get another chance to take your money 😉” was the real needle though.

Daniel, never one to back down from a fight, had already given as good he had got when he had responded with “I was going to congratulate you on your graph for 2013 but then realized I was looking at it upside down. Ouch!” This was a clear comment on Gus’s ugly start to 2013, and that had to hurt. He has been consistently losing, and is currently stuck just under $780k on Full Tilt in 2013.

Yesterday, Daniel tweeted:

The video is one of Daniel’s “Rants” that have a growing popularity inside the poker community, as his irregular videos blogs have him speaking his mind, in total unvarnished fashion. The video he posted is below, and the challenge is the first thing he talked about, but the rest of the video is worth a watch as well:

Gus responded pretty quickly:

It looks like we have a Team PokerStars vs The Full Tilt Professionals showdown. We don’t know who will be representing Team Pokerstars yet, but as Tom Dwan and Gus are both planning to make the EPT, we have to think Isildur will want to make it a full team effort.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, and we’re hoping to talk to both Daniel and Gus about this challenge when we’re at EPT London. Keep checking out for more news on this.