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The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has issued a statement regarding the latest round of allegations leveled at Full Tilt Poker. The beleaguered gaming giant has seen their stock fall precipitously since April, when the US government seized a large portion of their financial assets and barred them from the country. Members of the PPA have been actively following the situation, as documented in their comments below.

“This is a sad and disappointing day for American poker players,” said John Pappas, executive director of the lobbyist group. “If true, these allegations detail a massive betrayal of player trust that will cause financial hardship for thousands if not millions of individual poker players, none of whom are accused of doing anything wrong.”

The main thrust of the current allegations come from Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Full Tilt is accused of running “a massive Ponzi scheme” which fed approximately $440 million to Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and other members of the company board. These same men (plus CEO Ray Bitar) allegedly also defrauded Full Tilt customers out of an estimated $300 million during their time at the company’s helm.

“We call on the Department of Justice,” the PPA statement continued, “to certify that the proceeds of any settlement or seizure that may result from this action will first be dedicated to reimbursing players. We further call on Full Tilt Poker, its management, directors and owners to take all available steps to ensure the prompt payment of players as their first priority.”