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$1,000,000 bonus for ALL Everest Poker WSOP qualifiers – wherever you finish

Everest Poker will match the WSOP Main Event winnings of their qualified players up to $1,000,000…and share it with all those qualified…even if you busted out in the first hour!  Based on last year’s figures that would mean all 62 Everest Poker players – regardless of how quickly they were kicked out – would have netted $20,000 EACH!

There are many ways you can qualify for the biggest prize in world sport (over $9,000,000 last year) but only with official WSOP sponsors, Everest Poker, could you go home richer even if you lose.

Ed Pownall, Everest Poker PR Manager, commented: “Our aim last year, our first as sponsor, was to encourage more European players than ever before to go to the WSOP which we did. This year we want to reward that loyalty by offering a knock-out reason to qualify with us. This bonus gives everybody hope of winning something even of they are out early on and it will also give an added sense of camaraderie to all those qualified with us.”

You can qualify for the WSOP Main Event with Everest Poker from as little as $3, visit Everest Poker’s website for details.