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As you could have seen reported by other FTR bloggers, The 40th World Series of Poker event is already underway! I would like to take a minute to tell you why you should qualify using PokerStars to play in these events if you do not happen to have $10,000 in spare cash lying around.

First of all, you’d be representing the best of the best in the online poker business. PokerStars is one of the most reputable sites there is, and home to none other than 3 past World Series of Poker Main event Champions, such as the man who is widely accredited with the internet poker boom who is Chris Moneymaker, Greg “The Fossilman” Raymer, and the champion with lots of style and a funky accent from Down Under Joe Hachem.

Second of all, upon earning your seat in one of PokerStars qualifiers, you will also instantly earn 100,000 VPPs and FPPs, which instantly puts you on the next to best step on the PokerStars VIP ladder! The benefits are plenty for having that status, such as use of PokerStars concierge service to get you whatever you desire, special edition money clips to show the world exactly what kind of a baller you are, and more!

So, do not hesitate, start playing on PokerStars and pave your way to untold riches today!