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Full Tilt Poker just keeps adding to their stable of professional players and celebrity “friends of Full Tilt.”  Recently, they announced the signing of a new “friend,” Randy Couture.  Couture is a five-time Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts champion.  He now joins other UFC fighters Matt Hughes and Mike Swick on the tables at Full Tilt.  Altogether, there are now over 100 members of Team Full Tilt, either as pros or as friends.  All of them, of course, play with their names in red for easy identification, and usually, if there’s a red name on the table, the table is full…no matter who it is.

The news of the newest member comes at a time when Team Full Tilt has been on the defensive a little.  The battle between Full Tilt and former team member Clonie Gowen has been well documented.  Full Tilt has also recently parted ways with now former member David Benyamine.  Although, in the case of Benyamine, there doesn’t appear to be any hurt feelings and it’s still unclear who decided to end the relationship.

But it seems that even though being a poker pro isn’t always easy, Full Tilt will continue to grow and no doubt add to the long list that is Team Full Tilt.  So next time you’re on the tables, look for Couture.  Feel free to put him to the test to see if his poker skills are anywhere near as good as his fighting skills.