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Each and every online poker site has its own custom feature that it brings to the table in order to differentiate itself from the rest. But most of these custom features are run-of-the-mill as there are few truly cutting edge features that are leagues different from what other online poker sites offer.

Despite their best efforts to offer stand-out-from-the-crowd features, all sites share one thing in common: they all have a Random Number Generator (RNG) which determines the random outcomes of shuffles. The RNG method always delivers unpredictable outcomes in the cards dealt, but still, it’s done using a machine and some dislike this fact. However, it seems as if one site is trying to do away with the RNG altogether.

Death of the RNG? Sounds like a new Jay-Z tune. But it’s a very real possibility if has its way. is a brand spanking new site set to launch in March 2010 and brings a feature to the table that no other site currently has: the Cut N’ Shuffle system. Instead of using an RNG to generate the outcome of deals like every single other site out there does, shuffles will be done live using a fully automated dealing system that scrambles, shuffles, reads, and video captures decks of cards. The results of these shuffles are then sent to a Deck Matrix™ system that provides unique decks for game play that are instantaneous with the start of a game.

Here follows a succinct explanation of the Cut N’ Shuffle system. Start paying attention now because it gets a bit complex:

  1. A deck is presented for a cut by the player with the dealer button. The player may not cut cards 1-4, or 49-52, just as in a live game. The player can opt to execute the “no cut” option but the player must execute one of the options.
  2. The player with the dealer button must exercise a cut or no cut option, as this is one of the means used to deter the use of Bots in’s games.
  3. The game is then played as you are used to seeing online, with the exception that utilizes burn cards where appropriate and the cards are dealt in the order of the unique deck used in that game.
  4. At the conclusion of the game, data is sent back to the GameCheck® server and checked against specific criteria that insures the accuracy of the game and they will certify the game was dealt as expected. If any irregularity is found, play is stopped, all money is returned to players and the cause of the irregularity is found before play resumes.
  5. According to the site, “Every game is a certified, honest game. There can be no manipulation of the cards dealt!” There are also many advanced systems in place to detect and deter the usage of online poker bots.

Now that we know what they are all about, here is the connection: the new online poker site has expressed a desire to provide high-stakes cash game tables for Isildur1, the Scandinavian player whose identity is a bit of an open secret and who has put the high stakes scene on Full Tilt Poker on fire towards the end of last year. He was involved in numerous battles with high stakes legends Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, and was also a part of the infamous match versus Brian Hastings, who took him for over $3,200,000 in a single session which is now legendary. has issued the following statement on the matter: “ has watched with admiration the challenges that online poker player Isildur1 has put out to the high-stakes poker players over the last few months. In view of the huge amounts of money being wagered, RealDealPoker wishes to provide Isildur1 a gaming environment which deals actual cards instead of via a RNG, and offer this personal invitation openly to Isildur1 to play exclusively at the site.” has also guaranteed that it will protect Isildur1’s identity should he forever wish to remain anonymous and should he accept the invitation to play on the site. His tables will be dedicated to him (with the reserved seat as we know from Full Tilt) and will also have some sort of personalization applied.

It certainly is an intriguing concept, but we still have to see it in action. Is this the way all online poker rooms of the future will deal with shuffling? Will the system’s integrity prove leagues better than what we currently have? The main question that is on everyone’s mind right now is “IS IT ANY BETTER THAN THE CURRENT RNG SYSTEMS EVERYONE ELSE USES?” If all goes according to plan, sometime in March we will be able to satisfy our curiosity.