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12th November 2010 – In a break from the traditional monthly online poker points races RedKings has launched an innovative and refreshing series of 5 day mini poker races where players can also choose the level of race they wish to play in.

With over $100,000 to win RedKings is targeting new depositing players every five days and encouraging all existing players to spend just five days at a time competing for both cash prizes and a Leaderboard of over $30,000 in live packages and tickets for their own RedKings hosted GSOP Live tournament in Bucharest early next year.

RedKings has identified three major problems with standard rake races run by many Poker rooms, big players are sick of long races where they feel compelled to grind away every day of the week, many players just hate races because they usually don’t play enough to win and others just get bored of seeing the same promotions landing in their inboxes day after day so don’t participate..

Commented Jani Kontturi , RedKings VIP Marketing Manager, “The Races on offer just seem to get bigger and bigger in total prize money but never seem to change in structure or cater for the millions of players who have no chance of winning the big prizes. The RedKings 5 day mini races and Choose your own Race level is brand new and we welcome all new players to join RedKings even if it just for just five days though I am sure they will stay longer once they experience the benefits for themselves.”

On top of the races being run every 5 days players can register for either the Large Race, Medium or Small races. They can play in both cash games races and those specifically for tournament players but even more significant is that  the top 3 in any of the 5 day races will only get cash and never any Leaderboard points. This clears the way for medium to small players winning prizes on the Leaderboard as the biggest players will be excluded.

Added Kontturi, “Running alongside our races will be the main Leaderboard which pays out $30,000 in Live Poker packages and online poker tickets. The three winners of ever single 5 day race cannot get onto this Leaderboard so all our medium to small players will not get squeezed out of the chance of winning a major prize. In fact, it opens up the opportunity of a lifetime to play with our live poker Team when RedKings hosts the third stop of the GSOP Live series in Bucharest.”

For further information players should go immediately to the $100,000 Points Race page on the website and sign up for the greatest Points Race promotion of all time.

Known for great promotions like rewards for getting pocket Red Kings and huge guarantees each month for exciting and popular Multi table poker tournaments, is also carving a name for itself in Live Poker with the success of Team RedKings and new venture organizing and hosting its their own Live Tournament The RedKings Poker Open as part of the first GSOP Live series with other Ongame Network partners. Over the next 2 months RedKings will be giving away over 120 packages to GSOP Live Bucharest through online qualifiers and a variety of promotions including the Five day race campaign starting today.

(RedKings Press Release)